About Us

The “Andaloslam – Ancestral Heritage” Orchestra, founded in 2010, regrets the importance of preserving and making the Andalusian piyyut and poetry sung in the tradition of North African Jewry in all its forms, while adapting and assimilating it into modern Israeli music culture through collaborations with various and diverse artists.

The orchestra has about twenty musicians, and soloists are all gifted musicians with the best experience and talent in their field, who control the taps of Hebrew and Arabic music, poetry and piyyut in an astonishing way

The name of the “Andalosalm” orchestra was given by the first musical director, the head of the Andalusian ensembles in the country, the great musician and violinist Yosef Shrikki, a unique personality and a full partner in the establishment and professional development of the orchestra. Yes we raise and cherish his memory for a miracle, and mourn his untimely passing

Rabbi Mordechai Azran

CEO of the orchestra

The orchestra is headed by Rabbi Mordechai Ezran, a judge and teacher of justice, with many Torah degrees, who works extensively in teaching and passing on the heritage of poetry to future generations, whose experience and knowledge in the field of Moroccan poetry and piyyut

Rabbi Azran has a rich background in management in the field of education and culture as part of his role as founder and director of the Torah Academy to study the sacred subjects – “ancestral heritage” in which he placed many students in Israel and around the world in all Torah fields

Moshe Louk

Artistic Director

The professional artistic management is entrusted to the renowned bard Moshe Locke, with extensive experience and expertise in the art of rhythm and maqam and in the fields of poetry and piyyut in all its shades, who outlines the musical performance and their commitment to the source

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The orchestra holds poetry and piyyut performances throughout the country as part of the requests season, on seasons and as part of various cultural events in the authorities, performances that are very successful among the poetry and piyyut lovers. These diverse shows include many renowned artists from Israel and abroad

In addition, as part of the orchestra’s activities, the Curriculum for Poetry and Poetry Studies, and the Maqam Theory by a team of teachers, operate a multi-age annual curriculum in several centers throughout the country.

The orchestra also produces a variety of study aids from time to time: detailed and explained piyyutim booklets as well as audio desks on various topics: lamentations for T. Behav, Slichot, prayers for Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, the song of the requests, the song of Allah, the song of the Degiri and the Shebi, and more


Moshe Louk
Artistic director
Joe Louk
filming and editing
Babi Edri
musical advice
Rabbi Mordechai Azran
CEO of the orchestra
Tomer Cohen
Naomi Siman Tov


Dror Tobol
Contra Bass
Avraham Mimran
Mordechai Sheetrit
Kobi Assor
Nathaniel Yitzhakov
Oria Harush
Udi Peretz
bass guitar
Nathaniel Ben Sheetrit
Ran Erez
Elior Peretz
Yitzhak Cohen
Naftali Abergil
Babi Edri
Aviezer Barmuha
Yogev Levy
Nai Flute


Emil Zrihan
Lior Elmaleh
Shimon Siboni
Benjamin Buzaglo
Moshe Louk
Rabbi Haim Luke
Mordechai Elharar
Manor Ben-David
David Weizmann
Moshe Duek